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Can't help it --- I'm a Gemini!

Kim Dietz is the lead and a lyricist and vocalist for Her etc. band.  She also dabbles in ukelele, guitar, and percussion.  The Her etc. band is Kim's creation to showcase original works by a Gemini who just can't stop creating.

Kim began singing in and sometimes as her church choir in the tiny hamlet of Thornhurst, Pennsylvania.  She was an alto in her middle school, high school, and college choir.  Kim expanded into singer/songwriter roles beginning in 2000 when she began collaborating with Jeff Crookall, at that time -- a sound engineer at Triad recording studio.

Kim and Jeff worked with Steve Rush and their great friend and flautist, Effie in the band Bouncing Love Monkey for a short period.

Kim also supports Jeff's random bands such as Gutter Splash, Sniff the Stiff Kitty, and whatever comes to his mind.  She is the lead producer of the Bulldog Sessions podcast.

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If you know Jeff, then you know Jeff.

Jeff is a veteran of music.  He has almost 40 years of singing and playing.  He rocks the harmonica and guitar and tosses in a few self-authored songs from time to time.

Jeff is a guitarist, harpist, vocalist, and composer for the Her etc. band.  Sometimes he plays the duck too!

He also has more than 25 years of music engineering in his bag of tricks.  This lets Jeff shine as the composer and master chef of the Her etc. band sound.

Jeff also leads the bands Gutter Splash, Sniff the Stiff Kitty, Big Fatty and the Inhalers.  He is a member of The Reclamation Project and previously of Blue Rose and Bouncing Love Monkey.

You can find Jeff most days at the helm of The Sleeping Bulldog Studio where he also co-produces the Bulldog Sessions podcast with Kim.

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aka Uncle Random

Dan is the ultimate spirit of the Her etc. band.  He brings years upon years of veteran skills and performance to the group.  He is our rock and foundation!

Dan is a lyricist, vocalist, percussionist, keyboard/piano extraordinaire, and composer for the Her etc. band.

Dan started 7 years of piano lessons at age 7 and played drums during his school years. Through this combination, he has had the opportunity to play a variety of musical styles from classical to musical theater to rock and roll and blues.

Dan also currently performs vocal and piano as Uncle Random.  His previous work includes Uncertain Future Band of Lopez Island, Dubious Brothers of Friday Harbor, Chamber Music San Juans, San Juan Theater Orchestra, and the Band of Uncles.

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