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What I Love Most About Local (a shout out to my fav - Bean & Vine)

One of the most special things, that I love the most about local businesses is becoming good friends with the owners, managers, and staff. A psychologist even suggested that for those moving to a new place or feeling alone is to make yourself a regular. I believe this is quite true.

My sweetie and I have managed to become regulars at several establishments in Everett's historic district . It feels comforting and loving to be recognized by, to chat about life with, and to give back to people doing their best to survive as a small, independent business in today's economic climate.

So, I hope you'll put your local hat and tie on for this Valentine's Day and join us in supporting the Bean & Vine in Everett, WA. Our show is 7:30 to 10:00 pm. Come early to enjoy dinner with the show. Or, if you like, come later for dessert....and the rest of the show.

We promise you'll have a wonderful time with your sweetie pie, with yourself, and with the great community gathered with the staff at Bean & Vine.

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