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Oh My! Oh Dear! Again...

Looks like the we of the world are not doing as well as hoped. Let's consider love and kindness as we move forward in the wake and evolution of this global pandemic.

I think broader than myself in how I spend my day. I recycle and reuse, I hold doors for others, I smile and say "Hi", I hug trees and support bees, I vaccinate, and I wear a mask.

I hope the Her etc. band can bring you more songs and live performances in the near future. Though, we are now in the position of needing to weigh pandemic conditions regarding upcoming shows.

You see, we want to continue exploring the joy of sound. We cannot risk our health or the long-term vitality of our bodies. We do not want to put others at risk.

Please join me in a life of love and kindness for all. Please stay safe, mask up, wash hands, and vaccinate. And, look forward to more from the Her etc. band.

With lots of love,


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