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My Heart is Here for You

Updated: May 31, 2020

It has been a while since I wrote. I'm at a loss for words that fully express all of the emotions I feel today. COVID-19 has certainly changed my life, our band's life, and the lives of so many others. More recents events have raised our global awareness, yet again, of the world we share. I feel we are on a knife's edge, carefully navigating our path forward while trying to avoid spilling over into a dark abyss. I've been using this time to stay grounded in my mind and my soul - writing songs, poetry, and taking moments for silence.

Many days present challenges. My heart goes out to everyone, especially people experiencing the trauma of tyranny, terror, oppression, absence of resources, and loss. I want to help in a way that bridges people and communities, lifts us up together in a future that we had not previously anticipated. The unknown might make us feel vulnerable though, we have the power within us to weave a strong network of love and support. A network that carries us forward in goodness.

The Sleeping Bulldog Studio has offered its help in developing a musical collaboration through which sales will support those in need.

Please use the Collaboration of the Heart contact form to let me know of your interest. I will provide the base song for you to layer your instrumentation and vocals. The Sleeping Bulldog Studio will provide final editing and Her etc. will provide the online sales venue. This is not a promotion for sake of personal benefit -- it is a collaboration for the greater good, a story of our time and of all lives, all people that matter on this one great planet.

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