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Loving Collaborating with You

There has been a wonderful response to the Collaboration of the Heart invitation. We are looking forward to receiving submittals from artists and collaborators by the end of June 2020.

The act of collaboration has helped me recognize a strong sense of connection, love, and trust. Placing your "baby" out into the world and seeking kind hands to help shape it and nurture it also come with anticipation and anxiety. At the receiving end of this creative energy is a mother with open arms, waiting for the moment when her baby comes home with new stories to share.

I am hopeful this "baby" reaches many other mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters who will feed it and help it grow into a strong body that carries the entire world into a new future -- a future where we are together, with open arms, recognizing failures of the past while paving the pathways of tomorrow, and a village that is healthy, supportive, and beautiful. We can go forward, learning how to do better for the one, for the many, for the all, for the world.

With love and kindness...

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