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Inspired by Ken Burns

When I was young I would say - "I like every musical genre....except country."

Today, this girl has eaten her dang words. After all, she was then in her formative years with an undeveloped frontal lobe (no reasoning whatsoever).

After falling in love with Ken Burns' Country Music series and realizing that much of the music I enjoy today is based on roots music, I am embracing my Appalachian country spirit. I hearken back to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, spending my childhood in Goldsboro and Thornhurst -- small, mountain top communities where my Slovakian and German ancestors landed.

The Her etc. band is polishing our existing repertoire and expanding into pure bluegrass and country. Our next album will feature original lyrics by Kim and musical development by Jeff. The whole band will join for a rich, unique expression of sounds echoing the traditions of those who came before.

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