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I want to live forever! I want to be a rock star! Hmm?

I have the most amazing daughter in the whole, entire world. And, I want to live as long as she does so that I don't miss a moment. Yes, I know... It's ok to be insane every once in a while.

In my work with my personal trainer, I realized an opportunity to share my struggle with lifestyle choices that support longevity. I'm talking about those little things we do or don't do throughout each and every day that either prevent or lead to those nasty, debilitating diseases: heart risks, diabetes, inflammation, obesity, lung capacity, and joint strength and stability. Jeepers, this is one long list.

My trainer, who is the most wonderful and supportive person, is helping me identify and practice small changes toward my longevity. She brings an enormous amount of knowledge to our sessions and helps me through the ups and downs of work week. And, she helps me understand the power of life choices. Yep, here we get back to the music.

How on earth am I going to live forever AND be a rock star. A musician's life is tough -- when working in clubs, staying up late, and dining on standard bar fare? It is harder when you are also a desk jockey during the day. Changing into my superwoman cape for a night of reckless abandon doesn't count for a daily workout.


So, here we go. Step 1 - recognize and log all the times during this week that I was taunted to make poor choices:

Tuesday - late night meeting, a significant work milestone and as a reward, I ate the entire order of crab rangoon

Wednesday - open mic night but stayed home, needed to wake up extra early next day, gave in to holiday bread that was screaming at me from the cupboard, maybe it was stress

Friday - date night with my sweetheart, weekly treat of pizza, our friendly bartender talked me into the second cider, then my hubby talked me into a concert leading to a glass of wine, oh jeez!, I give up

No, no...I'll keep trying. Baby steps, I can do this!

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